We are beyond thrilled to announce that Table + Dine is now open for business! 

Founded by the mother-daughter duo, Allie + Deb, from San Francisco, California, Deborah Shearer has been in the tabletop business for over 26 years and Allie has been following her lead since the day she could twirl in a party dress. Together, they've cooked, baked, catered and hosted countless dinner parties and events. They've been business partners for 8 years, best friends for 30, and finally decided to build a company that revolves around their mutual love for entertaining. 

"We're all about good smells coming from the kitchen, signature cocktails, delightful dinner parties with a dose of sparkle and celebrating the little things with friends and family around the table."


We are natural born entrepreneurs and hostesses who believe you should always save room for dessert and a toast is never optional. We're the ones that snap pictures of our place settings when we sit down at a beautifully set table and will not hesitate to flip over a plate to find its' maker. So it's no surprise that we LOVE shopping for seasonal tableware, so much that we built a company around it!

We are big, HUGE fans of shopping for our tables. It's oddly therapeutic when we score a gorgeous table runner, clever little place card holders or savvy invites for our next dinner party. One winter evening, we were dining in one our favorite San Francisco restaurants, Cotogna and started sharing stories from our holiday soirees. Naturally we got to talking about our table settings and the challenges we faced to find the perfect pieces for our tables. We thought...why isn't there one place we can go to get everything we need to set the table? From A to Z, in every color, size and pattern to seasonal trends and party decor. We could be the one-stop-shop for the casual hostess to the large event planner. And voila! Table + Dine was born.

"They say you should start a business that you wish already existed, so that's exactly what we did."


Being Jewish Italian (a.k.a. pizza bagels), food was always kind of "a thing" that brought our friends and family around the table. We'll be having a meal and planning our next three and firmly believe that the best conversations come from happy hearts, full stomachs and a damn good glass of wine. With our heritage comes great responsibility to live up to our dining expectations and rest assured, our meatball and matzoh ball game is on point. So we hope you're hungry, because we're absolutely sharing all of our recipes with you.


A beautifully set table surrounded by friends and family. 
Trying new recipes but always sticking to tradition. 
A well thought out playlist for every occasion. 
Candles. Candles EVERYWHERE. 
Cocktails. Especially ones with fresh muddled herbs and/or St. Germain. 
Cute little appetizers. 
A great, big butcher block. 
Morning coffee. White t-shirts. Sparkles. High fives. Salty sweets. Infinity scarves. A good mani/pedi. And Nancy Meyers' movies. 
Playing bocce ball and dominos. 
Sunday brunch (because that's just code for drinking before noon). 
Late night conversations. 
Opening our doors to neighbors. 
Peonies and Ranunculus. 
Collecting matchbooks and napkin rings from places we go. 
Celebrating anything and everything. Or for no reason at all.


It can be grand, or it can be humble. All you need is good food and good people around the table. Our favorite thing to do is have a big dinner with friends and talk about life. The laughter, smells of a home cooked meal, the clinking of glasses, good music, the memories, the second servings, right down to the wine stained tablecloths, kicking off your heels, blowing out the candles and washing dishes for days. Totally worth it.

With Table + Dine, we're bringing distinct flavors, knowledge, insight and passion to the industry that compliment both of our unique styles. We aim to inspire others to set a beautiful table from casual to chic and become the party liaison amongst their friends. Not only will you find themes and color palettes for your next dinner party, we're also bringing you our best kept family recipes, playlists for all occasions and the tools you need to set the table for 8, 10, 12 and beyond at the click of a mouse.

We can't tell you how excited we are that you've visited. We hope you find everything you're looking for to bring a little magic to your next gathering, just be sure to have someone over for dinner this week.

xx // allie + deb

Deborah Shearer, CEO + Co-Founder 
Allie Wandner, Co-Founder + CMO



Table + Dine is a leading online destination for tabletop + entertaining. Founded by the mother-daughter duo, Deborah Shearer + Allie Wandner from San Francisco, CA.  Deborah has been in the tabletop industry for over 26 years and Allie has been following her lead since the day she could twirl in a party dress. They've been business partners for 8 years, best friends for 30, and finally decided to build a company that revolves around their mutual love for entertaining. Allie + Deb work directly with leading home brands in tabletop + entertaining to bring you the best pieces to set a beautiful Table + Dine with your family and friends.



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