Gorgeous, colorful + 100% Handmade, let's welcome Azulina Ceramics to the table.

We are so excited to welcome a new line of colorful, hand-made ceramics to Table + Dine. Azulina Ceramics is not only one of the most beautiful lines of one-of-a-kind dinnerware, but comes with an incredible story behind it.

Melissa Moriarty, owner and founder, fell so in love with Columbia while on vacation that she packed up everything and relocated to South America. While on the hunt for a wedding gift she discovered the distinctive and colorful ceramics of El Carmen, and with a full heart and leap of faith, Azulina Ceramics was founded. 

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” - Kurt Vonnegut

That was in 2012. Today, in just three (what seems like forever) years, Azulina's dinnerware is sold in over 35 stores from Maine to Hawaii, and is now available virtually anywhere via Table + Dine! When Melissa e-mailed Allie + Deb, it was friendship at first reply. Melissa's warmth and passion radiates from even an email, but after speaking to her - she is someone we can't wait to have sit at our table. 


Azulina's hand-painted dinnerware and servingware is made in Colombia, where women artisans paint colorful designs onto each piece by hand, a tradition that began over 100 years ago.

In the hills of Colombia, the ceramic manufacturing and hand-painting tradition began in the late 1800s when quartz and feldspar were discovered, a mineral combination ideal for making pottery and ceramics. Since then ceramic manufacturing has developed into a booming industry.

Flowers found on the surrounding hillsides inspire the patterns: roses, hydrangeas, orchids, carnations, and sun flowers just to name a few. In fact, flowers make the region famous worldwide, as celebrated annually by Medellín’s flower festival called Feria de las Flores.

The passion for advancement is so refreshingly alive and well, true to everything we at Azulina cherish about Colombia. 

Each and every Azulina product is a one-of-a-kind piece. We treasure the tiny differences in each piece, as these imperfections are the indications of a truly handmade product.  


From our table to yours, we are honored to share Melissa's colorful, hand-painted dinnerware with you. And as Melissa so kindly ends all of her emails with... 

Con mucho amore,

Allie + Deb